Our vision is to provide secure and qualified service to the customers with highest satisfaction. Our most important goal during customer service is to keep the occupational health and safety of employees, customers and the workplace at highest level.

As being Agest Elektrik Elektronik San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. , we commit ;

Establishing and implementing Occupational Health and Safety system, to control the system effectiveness and improve the performance of the system continously,

Developing a general policy of prevention which covers the technology, business organization, working conditions, social relations and factors related to the workplace,

Identifying, evulating and preventing the risks related with Occupational Health and Safety and struggle with risks at the its source,

Taking the necessary precautions to prevent injuries and health deterioration that may occur in the office area and workplaces,

Complying with recent legal regulations and industrial standards for Occupational Health and Safety and working conditions,

Taking all necessary precautions including training, exercise and informing; carrying out the necessary organization; providing adequate resources including tools and equipments to protect the employees’ health and safety, to prevent the occupational risks and to provide a sade working environment,

Providing a safe working environment, ensuring the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety system, making the workplace and office area controls which will provide effective and economical use of natural resources and check all kind of processes affecting the environment,



Turgut Erdem Alay
Managing Director